Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And another round

Well, not satisfied with normal MRIs, my neuro guy ordered another 2 - he thinks I've had a stroke in the brain stem, which is what my baby brother died of at age 45.  He also set up more EEGs.  As the double vision worsens and the eye has less movement - the eye patch is irritating in the extreme (as I murmur against the One Who ordained this for me.  Again.)

So I am awaiting whatever God has in store for me.  And while I wait, my Master gives me songs, and fills me with His peace, for He has promised I can do all things through Jesus Christ, and that includes whatever physical malady He chooses to bestow.

But His Word also promises treasures in the darkness - and so the poems come.  Thinking about prayer and faith, I often start to write out my thoughts, and those thoughts often arrange themselves into poetry.  So here is what I found in the darkness - and to me, they are truly treasures:

I am finding prayer to be a dance.
God leads
I follow,
Swirling our footsteps together -
And floating in His everlasting arms
I hear music
People of the Book

Grant me, O LORD,
A vibrant, shimmering faith
That dances before You
Like David.
Gird it with strength enough
To sacrifice my heart's desire
Without a seconds hesitation
As did Abraham.
And may I be blessed to know
That the friendship of God
Lingers in my tent
Like Job -
Enabling me, too,
To bear the pain
Hear songs in the night
And whisper
Through the shredded fiber of my soul
"Though He slay me,
Yet shall I trust Him."

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