Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Very Hairs of your head are numbered...

My sister-in-law is out of town again for grandkid's birthdays. She'll be gone for a week - so I've been having to go to the store and get meds etc.  Usually my sil drives me so I've been praying before I go anywhere that God will keep me safe and not let me kill anybody.  I'm exhausted.
I have been grocery shopping, which leaves feeling me dried up, spat out, and left by the side of the road. Then I had to go today to Costco, which for those of you who don't know, is a ginormous warehouse full of foods and appliances and, of course, the pharmacy is at the very back, a mile and a half away (at least that's how it feels) and today there were no putt-putts (they actually have little electric carts for those of us who are standing and walking challenged).  My Rx wouldn't be ready for a half hour so, brilliantly, I decided to wander the acreage and look around - then wandered back (uphill) when the beeper went off ( yes, they hand out beepers, just like some fancy restaurant).
Needless to say, I was a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bit tired by the time I was through.
Now, there's a Greek takeout place with wonderful food somewhere around there - I can never find it - but after getting my meds I thought I'd try to find it - again.  Why? Dunno.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.
So I'm driving down different streets looking for this place and suddenly the warning light for extreme low pressure in my tires goes off.  I don't know about you, but when a warning light goes off on my dashboard, blinking red or yellow to get my immediate attention (which, incidentally, works really well) I panic.
I know there's a car place also somewhere in my vicinity - but I don't have a clue where, my brother usually does all my car stuff, God bless him. Anyway I pray immediately Lord what do I do??? I don't even have a tire gauge!! 
At the moment, I'm in a turn lane and, as I turn, I notice there's a gas station opposite me.  At the next intersection I make a u-turn and go back. It's like one of those mini-mart-free-shower-with-fill-up places which, in California, is usually run by a surly person of indeterminate species and only carries bizarre snacks and alcohol. 
But I drive in and park in front of the air hose. Above the hose is a bright red sign stating it can only be used after inserting 75cents in quarters - they charge for air now!!! I was aghast! (But then, since I didn't know how to use it anyway, it was sort of a moot point.)
I enter the mini mart. I ask the cash register person, who is built like a bodyguard/biker and has a long grey skinny braid halfway down his back and a cherubic face surrounded by short salt and pepper hair, if they have a gauge. "Yup. Right down that aisle, on the right."
Happily, I at least knew what they looked like, so I could identify what I wanted to purchase! I found it, took it to the register and, fully aware that I'm being really pathetic, asked him if he could tell me how to use it. 
"Yes ma'am," he said.And then, in the kindly tone you use to comfort a 7 year old who has just been told by a classmate that there is no Santa Claus, he added, "I'll take it out to the car and take care of you."  
Handel's Alleluia Chorus begins playing in my head - in full stereo!
He rang up the sale, got someone else to cover the counter and came outside with me. He showed me how to read the gauge, checked the tires, showed me how to use the air pump, and filled the one that was low (after I deposited 75cents of course). On the outside I thanked him several times - on the inside I was thanking God and alleluia chorusing! 
And may the Lord reward his kindness.
Here I'd been completely terrified, close to tears and totally lost - and God had it allllllll under control. (I even found the Greek place!!)
The thing is, I knew that He was in control.
You probably do, too - but in the middle of life's crises, we forget.
So here's a little handy reminder that whatever you're going through today, from CI to facing your worst fears: God knows.  You are not alone in the cosmos. 
God has it alllllllllllllllll under control. 
Trust Him.

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