Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One Fine Day....

I feel .bereft.

In the space of 24 hours I've lost 2 men dear to my heart.

One a well-known author with a servant's heart and silver tongue - who greatly blessed many.

The other with a servant's heart, unknown to all but a greatly blessed few.

But both knew and loved the same Christ, served the same King, and have by now been introduced to mansions beyond our ability to imagine. I know they both were welcomed with the phrase, "Well done, good and faithful servant!" ringing in their ears, and greeted warmly by the One Whom they adore.

One went Home yesterday; the other last August, but alive in my heart until yesterday.  Funny how the treasured heart beats until we are told they have died - and then, suddenly, we realize they are more Alive than they have ever been.

These two men fought the battle well - both known for a warm and welcoming heart, both giving credit for their loving ways to the One Who is Love Himself.  Both leave behind broken hearts, aching for the sound of the voice they have awakened to each morning for over 50 years.

And both, no doubt, will station themselves near the Gates of Splendor and await the "other half" of earthly life, excited as a child to be together once more.

So many cries of gratitude will fill their ears as those touched by their lives arrive, one by one...

Until, one fine day, we are all present in the Land that Forgot Time, forever filled with joy before our King.

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