Friday, August 30, 2013

Wonder and worry and more wonder...

I have been running a marathon (pant pant wheeze pant)

A CI with CFIDS???  Running a marathon??? you say.


I have been running the marathon of "give it to God, take it back."

Tho He slay me yet will I trust Him but what if no I will set my face like flint: I will trust You but what about....

Sound familiar?

It is sooooo very hard to stop taking it back.

And then...

We were both exhausted from rotten sleep (or none) and busy days (busy for me, anyway - and genuinely busy for my sil)  So we planned to go to the soup-and-salad place after running one last errand at Costco.

On a Friday night? you say (you're saying a lot tonight, aren't you?)

Yes, I thought of that as we were on our way to the place.  So I prayed out loud, "Father, please find us a place to park. Thank You!"

The last time I was there  a corner space was coming clear, and while I waited with blinker blinking for them to pull out, a fancy shmancy pick-up truck pulled right in ahead of me and flipped me off.


All I can say is, It's a good thing vengeance is the LORD'S - cuz if it was mine, I'd be in prison already.

Anyway, we pulled in to the parking lot and right in front of us, a car began pulling out!!  THANK YOU FATHER!

And then I noticed:

it was the same corner space.

And there were other cars circling....

Give it to God, take it back, trust Him, take it back giveittoGod

I seem to see a pattern here....

So I sort of almost held my breath as we sat there with the blinker blinking - and then....

The car pulled out

-and sat there shielding the space so we could pull in.

Thanks again, Father...

And later I started thinking about it...

And my Papa set me on His knee:

"What's the difference between a parking space at a busy restaurant on a Friday night and provision for you in reduced circumstances?"

"Ummmm... I dunno, Papa..."

And deep in the quiet of my soul, He said,

"Not a thing."


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