Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Driving home under an eyelash moon, the streets aglow with twinkling lights, I couldn't help but think about the reason for the season.  Our church's candlelight service tonight was perfect.

To hear again the old old story, to realize anew that He came for all of us.  To know that tiny Baby born - probably in June - came knowing that those tiny baby hands, so captivating, would one day be pierced by a nail, his feet also destroyed and crushed by a mallet driving metal into it.  To have that wee tummy pierced by a spear.  To be nailed, naked, to a piece of the wood He Himself created.  And to be bled by that spear, as befits a Paschal lamb.

Knowingly, a Being so immense He filled the universe, pledged Himself to be forever held captive by a human body.  Think of that.  Never again will His spirit be free to fill all things with Himself.  He will be walled in.  Forever.

And the reason for this?

So that you and I will never be walled in by flames and darkness and suffering - our spirits will expand to fill a body that can walk through walls and will never ache or falter ever again.

It amazes me, over and over, that He loves us so - and chose us before He ever created the first man, knowing that that choice would cost Him everything.

It's hard to imagine myself making such a choice.  Loving THAT much.

But He does.

And what great feat do we have to do to qualify for this greatest of all possible gifts?

One thing.

Say yes.

So, on this day we celebrate this choice becoming flesh and blood and marching inexorably to the cross, if you haven't said it yet, please accept this most magnificent of gifts ever given.

And all you have to do is:

Say yes.

Merry Christmas!

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