Saturday, January 19, 2013

Little miracles along the way...

Readings for the coming week:

Sun   Ex 7-9
Mon Ex 10-12
Tues Ex 13-15
Wed Ex 16-18
Thurs Ex 19-21
Fri    Ex 22-24
Sat   Ex 25-27

I've been in a flare for awhile now - increased pain and headaches, decreased strength or stamina. I have put off going out except to Dr offices. So, tonight, my sil and I decided to go to dinner. Out. To our fave fish restaurant.

Friday night in my town is BUSY. It's almost impossible to find a parking space. It's also near a popular casino (what isn't in Vegas?) so even less parking. The cars circle like sharks, round and round and round until finally, waaaaaaay out in the far pasture a spot appears - and is gone so quick you wonder if it was really there. And I knew that, tonight, I could not walk all the way in from the far pasture.

So, as we left our driveway, I prayed for safety and a parking place. "Papa, please help us find a place to park, close to the restaurant. Please have a car pull out right in front of us so we can park. "

So we got there, and the sharks were out in full force.

We joined them, circling, circ - POOF! - right in front of us, a car pulled out.

In the handicapped parking (I have a sticker)

right next to the restaurant.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Don't ever try to tell me that God is too busy to answer silly small prayers, or that He doesn't know what His child can handle and what she can't. Because my life consists of those small silly prayers:

"Oh Papa, where did I put those papers?"
"Please help me to get thru this"
"Help our poor kitty with pain to sleep well."

Our heavenly Papa knows the deepest needs of our hearts - sometimes we don't. But when you really need Him, He is always there. Always. Even for something as silly as a parking place.

Thank You Papa.

 (I'm going to post this to FB so if it sounds familiar, that's why!)

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